Selling your Home? 3 Steps to make sure your Pets are safe and Happy!

You are putting your home on the market, and preparing your pets for showings is just as important as the other preparations you are doing. Pets are going to be subject to strangers entering their domain, and you want everyone to feel safe and secure. Here are a few ways to satisfy both your potential Buyers and your pets!

  • 1.Prior Warning; Have Realtors call ahead to tell you they are coming, have a note in your listing on the MLS about talking to the Seller before coming to the house. That way you have an idea of when someone will be at your home and can take precautions with your pet.
  • 2.Best scenario; Remove the pets from the home while a showing is going on. Take your dog for a walk and bring your cats to grandma for the day. Animals are not used to different people coming and going from their space.
  • 3.Designate an area; Decide on a designated spot to leave the animal, a garage, pen, crates, back bedroom, laundry room, etc. If your animals must be at home without you, allow them to have a space where they don’t have to be approached or where they won’t be under some ones feet. Tell the realtor your pet’s names so they can talk to them and reassure them during the visit. Be sure to tell them if they are indoor animals and or if they bark, or don’t do well with strangers.
  • Your pet is a part of your family. The more information you share the easier it will be for all parties involved. A bit of prior planning and precaution allows for as little disruption for your furry friends as possible.

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