4 Ways to be Realistic when Preparing to Sell your Home

It is tough to look at your home subjectively when you are getting ready to sell. Being realistic with the state of your home can help you in the long run. Homes that are in ready condition, priced accordingly to that condition and location sell faster than ones that are not.

Memories and love can cloud your judgment when you consider putting your home up for sale. Over the years you have learned to live with things that a Buyer will notice immediately. You stay to the left of your driveway to avoid the potholes; or jiggle the toilet handle automatically to stop the water from running.

A Buyer wants to know you have cared for the home so they won’t have extensive repairs right away.

When it is time to sell, a few upgrades or fixes could increase your bottom line!

Try these 4 simple steps to help you maximize your home sale.

  • 1.Get inspections done ahead of time
  • No one wants to be surprised
  • Have your HVAC Serviced, get a pest inspection, let a roofer walk on your roof. Fix the things you can or disclose the condition so all parties are aware and there are no embarrassing findings or potentially expensive findings that can kill a deal. Better to be safe than sorry!
  • 2.Freshen up the exterior or Interior
  • A few upgrades, like flooring or paint can refresh a home and excite a new Buyer. Use neutral colors when repainting, and upgrade from that 1970’s shag rug. A Buyer wants a move in ready home.
  • 3.De Clutter
  • Your job is to show your home to it’s greatest potential, to make it look as spacious as possible. When a Buyer sees a home they mentally move in, don’t prevent that buy having the focus be how many spoons you have collected or how your family has grown out of the home! Have a Garage sale , Put some large items into storage. Show the Buyers the architecture of your home, and the potential it has.
  • 4.Price it well
  • Do you hear noise from a freeway? Is your driveway steep? Is your neighbors yard unsightly? Consider the realties of your home and take that into consideration when setting the price. Change what you can, but be realistic about the things you can’t change. Realistic Pricing brings foot traffic, which leads to an offer.
  • A little work ahead of time , brings return in the end.

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