7 Important things First Time Home Buyers should know

  • Get Prequalified before you start to look for a home
  • Choose a Realtor to help you with the Buying process
  • Communicate with your spouse/ significant other about what you want in a home
  • Ask your realtor for an outline of the Home Buying Process
  • Keep an open mind
  • Look at all the neighborhoods in the area
  • Trust the experts you are working with

What is your purchasing power? How much home can you comfortably afford? Know these things before hand so you look at homes you can afford and fit your buying criteria. Talking with a Mortgage consultant first saves you from problems later in the process.

Realtors are experts in their fields. Look for someone who knows the area well, someone with whom you feel comfortable asking questions and someone who has references you can check.

Write out your dream home lists to understand what is important to each of you. Communication is the key to helping the Buying process go smoothly. No home is perfect, but understanding what you can and cant live without, helps with the decision process.

Know what happens so you can be prepared. No escrow is the same, but having a guideline can ease some of the unknowns ahead

Your dreams and reality may be a bit different. Be open to looking at things that aren’t on your list.

Sometimes Buyers are stuck in a certain area and get frustrated because they can’t find what they want. A different area could have the perfect situation.

Trust that the Realtor you are working with is doing their best job for you. Taking advice from friends or family members can make situations confusing and may put excess stress on the situation.

Buying your First home can be an exciting adventure if you are prepared for the Journey. For a free outline of the Home Buying Process or a My Dream House Wish List Form, visit my website www.liveinnevadacounty.com.

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